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oliver is a team of restaurant marketing experts. You know you should always be marketing, but you have other things to do. We don’t.

Online marketing is what we do. We love it. We’re good at it. We’ll evaluate your marketing needs, get you headed in the right direction and continuously improve your marketing program. If you need a talented team of online marketing professionals, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a full suite of restaurant marketing services & tools that drive more customers to your business. No 200 page plans. No buzzwords. Just marketing that works. We take out the mystery and make restaurant marketing. 


01. web design



Your website should be designed by experts who specialize in your industry. Oliver & co. has deep experience in restaurant website design. Our clients come from around the world, from fast-casual to fine dining. We use the latest technology and marketing tools to put your restaurant’s website ahead of the competition.200+ websites designed

200,000+ monthly visits to our clients' websites


We Turn Websites Into Attractive & Effective Marketing Platforms

Your website has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool. oliver knows how to design websites that excel at converting your website visitors into customers. We will showcase your business and drive visitors to make reservations, order online and take other revenue generating actions.

3,000 unique visits per month on average

75% brand new visitors

We Build Websites That Look Great On All Mobile Devices

More and more customers are using mobile devices to get your information so it is absolutely essential that your restaurant website design be mobile-friendly. oliver designs specialized mobile websites, so your customers always get the information they need, no matter what device they use.

210 mobile devices tested

33% mobile traffic


Professional Design


Custom Website Design

We create unique websites that stand out from the crowd. We combine professional design skills with a deep understanding of your business and brand to produce the best possible restaurant website.

Optimized User Interface 

Your website visitors want to find your information easily and quickly. A streamlined, easy-to-use interface is key to converting visitors into customers.

Fast Loading Websites

Your customers are busy people and don’t want to spend a long time going through your website. A fast-loading website helps capture their attention right away, particularly on mobile devices.


Specialized Restaurant Content


Html Menus

Your customers want to check out your menu, so make it easy for them. We create HTML menus that are fast loading, attractive, work on all devices and are great for search engine optimization.

Virtual Tour

Bring your business to life with a 360-degree, interactive tour. Your customers can explore your business like never before. Your tour appears on your website as well as in Google searches, Google Maps, and Google+ Local.

3rd Party Integration

You probably already work with other technology providers (or you might in the future). We can integrate major third party applications such as OpenTable and Seamless into your website.


Your website is a great platform to promote your special events with customers. oliver can create dynamic and interactive event calendars for your website so your customers always know what’s going on.


Nothing is more enticing to a potential customer than gorgeous photos and videos of your food, drinks and location. We build eye-catching photo and video galleries to bring your customers through the door.

Blog Integration

Blogging is a great tool for brand building and for reaching new potential customers. oliver can integrate your blog directly into your website so you can harness the power of blogging right away.


02. reputation management


Reviews on influential sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor can change the fortunes of small businesses...for better or worse. Businesses that respond quickly to online reviews create a sense of trust that can translate into sales. Businesses that ignore their reviews can quickly find their online reputations getting away from them. oliver monitors review sites including Yelp, Google + Local, Yahoo Local, Insiderpages,  and many, many more. Are bad reviews keeping you from getting new customers?


Reviews Impact Sales

By now, you probably know that online reviews influence store visits and purchasing decisions. But what you may be unaware of is the quantified impact that reviews have on sales. A number of studies, across a variety of industries on businesses large and small, have reached similar conclusions:

A Harvard study on restaurants showed that a difference of 1 star can translate to 9% in sales.

Volkswagon conducted a study that showed its dealerships with average ratings of 4 stars and higher got 32% more traffic than those with 2 stars and below.

Research at The Hotel School at Cornell University showed that a hotel can raise its price by 11.2% without negatively affecting sales, if it’s rated 1 star higher.

The bottom line is that there is a bottom line.

Engaging Reviewers Makes a Difference

One of the most effective, organic ways for improving your reviews is engaging your reviewers. By responding to negative reviews, you give yourself the chance to get unhappy reviewers to change/edit/delete their review and win them back as customers. And by responding to positive ones, you build customer loyalty and increase the chance of repeat visits. In both cases, engaging reviewers works in your favor:

Reviews Yield Actionable Insights

Although the crazies get the most attention, their rants only represent a small fraction of the total review volume. (We know because we’ve analyzed the data).

Most reviews are not so extreme in nature and contain useful customer feedback that can make your business better.

03. digital listings management 


Make sure your business information is correct where it matters most. 73% lose trust in businesses with incorrect information


Why Is Local Search So Important?

Local search is when someone searches the Internet for a local business or service, and is fast becoming the most important component of online searches. Local search is also the most important part of Google Maps & mobile search for restaurants & bars. 60% of searches in Google are for local businesses.


The Importance Of Citation Building

Local Search Optimization begins with citation building. The more citations your business has, the higher it will rank on local search. Furthermore, having accurate and consistent citations helps to make sure that the right customers find your business. This is particularly important when it comes to category information, because you want your website to show up for the right categories.

What Are Citations?

Citations are mentions of your business information on other websites, even if there is no link to your website. Citations have an impact on the ranking algorithms of the major search engines, which look at your citations to decide what kind of business you are and how highly your should rank.


How Can I Get More Citations?

oliver can submit your business information to over 150 local search engines, blogs, directories and other citations services. We provide two different citation building services: Manual Citation Building and Automated Citation Building.


Get The Right Information Out There

oliver can submit your business to 150+ local & general citation sources, to put your business on the map.



oliver will collect and manually submit your business information to over 100 citations sources. Once the information has been submitted, we will provide your with a detailed report of your citation distribution.


Citation Building

oliver will manually create listings for your business on each of the directories and make sure that the listings are as complete as possible. This is important as one of the key factors in your local search rankings is how complete your directory listings are.

Review & Research

We will collect & check your information, research your existing citations and check your competitors' citations. Based on this information we will compile a list of directories that are relevant to your location and business.



oliver will send you a detailed report with a list of all the information that has been distributed, including website addresses, login information and any special comments. This way, you have full control of your listings and can change them if needed.

04. Social engagement


We Put Your Customers At Your Fingertips. oliver knows how to implement an effective social media strategy. We create the right mix of fundamental tasks and advanced tactics that bring results from social media.


Encourage Online Sharing

We make social media a place customers go to share with their experience with their friends and followers, bringing in new business through new digital word of mouth marketing. We activate your strongest brand advocates to spread their enthusiasm for your restaurant to their friends.

Connect with Loyal Customers

Social media helps keep your most loyal customers informed about promotions & events, along with promotions limited to social media. Many customers connect with you through social media just for that reason. We specialize in updating customers to your latest offers in an effective, exciting way, motivating customers to return to your restaurant.

Increase Brand Awareness

oliver adapts restaurant’s social media to its particular brand, so you can speak to your customers with a natural and valued voice. Finding the right mix of social media content that promotes, engages or connects customers with your restaurant is something that needs to be tailored to every restaurant’s brand.

Operate across Multiple Platforms

Social media is more than just a Facebook Page and a Twitter account, especially for restaurants. We synchronize multiple social media together to provide coordinated social media marketing for restaurants.


Driving The Conversation

New Engaging Posts

oliver engages customers in a constant online conversation through social media, posting promotional, informational and interesting content.

Encourage Sharing

We give customers fun and interesting things to share so that more of their friends are introduced to your business.

Monitor & Respond Daily

oliver is there to answer questions and interact with customers day in & day out.

Sweepstakes, Coupons & Contests

We motivate your customers to participate your social media with polls, sweepstakes, coupons and contests that increase your likes and the depth of your relationship with your customers.


An Expert At The Controls

Coordinated Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Foursquare all work together so that a restaurant reaches customers through whichever social media they use.

Track Results

oliver tracks customer response to identify ways to drive people into your restaurant and find the best strategies for future content.

Social Media Branding

oliver makes sure your social media pages are attractive and welcoming, sending a strong message to customers that you take social media seriously.

Always Adapting To Change

We learn every day about the newest, most effective ways to keep your restaurant ahead of your competitors.

05. SEO


Online search is the most important way for your customers to find your business. Get ahead of your competitors with oliver search engine optimization services.


Help Customers Find You

Just having a great website does not guarantee customers will walk through the door. SEO for restaurants helps to make sure your website appears high in search engine results so customers can find you.

90% of Internet users only click on the top 10 results on search engines


Cost Effective Long Term Rewards

Unlike advertising, which disappears as soon as you stop paying, search engine optimization can benefit your brand awareness & website traffic for years to come, providing a greater return on your investment.

85% of search engine clicks are on the organic links vs. paid ads

Get In Front Of The Right People

You want to make sure that real potential customers can find your website using the search terms that are relevant to you. oliver can optimize your website for your brand name, location, categories & other important criteria.

1,000 average number of search terms used to find our clients

On-Page Optimization

Search engine optimization begins with your website. With On-Page Optimization, your webpages can help increase your search engine rankings for the keywords that matter most to you.


The First Step in SEO

oliver knows search engine optimization starts with your website, and that on-page optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of your SEO strategy. With our proven techniques, our on-page optimization can do wonders for your website’s standing within search engines.

Expertise in SEO for Restaurants & Bars

oliver has helped dozens of restaurants & bars with on-page optimization, from strategy development & keyword research, to code optimization & content creation. Take advantage of our experience & expertise to improve your search engine rankings.



Are you advertising in the right place? Online restaurant advertising is a proven & cost-efficient way to reach new customers and build your brand. oliver provides expert online advertising management services to help you achieve your business goals.


Reach More Potential Customers

Your customers are searching your business and making their decisions online more than ever. O&A helps you reach thousands of potential customers on search engines and social media platforms. We manage your online advertising so you don't miss out on any additional business.

50%+ of restaurant website traffic comes from search engines


Experts In Online Advertising For Restaurants

Your online advertising should be managed by experts who specialize in your industry. oliver has deep experience in online advertising for restaurants and bars. We fully manage your online advertising campaigns so you can focus on what's most important, running your business.

15,000+ additional restaurant customers every month

Greater Return On Investment

Traditional print advertising is very expensive and is hard to measure when it comes to results. Online advertising with oliver allows you to carefully control your budget, specifically target the customers that are relevant to you, and focus your resources on the most profitable campaigns.

300% return on investment on average

Search Engine Advertising

oliver's full-service search engine advertising services are performed by our in-house team of search marketing experts. We execute effective pay-per-click campaigns to help you achieve your paid search goals.


Reach more customers, now

Thousands of potential customers are searching for your business on Google, Bing & Yahoo, and you can reach them through search engine advertising. It's quick to set up and has an immediate impact on your website traffic.


Value for money

Unlike other advertising, with search engine advertising you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You control exactly how much you want to spend and you can pause and restart you campaigns at any time.

Engage the right people

Your ads are only triggered by people typing one of your keywords into the search search engine. You can also decide which geographic areas you want to target, which means you are always attracting the most relevant prospects.


Why use oliver?

oliver gives you the peace of mind that your search engine advertising is in the hands of professionals who know how to run successful advertising campaigns. We will be with you at every turn, from keyword research & account structure through to ad creation & performance tracking.


oliver's social media advertising services amplify the reach of your message through major online networks like Facebook & Twitter, to deliver valuable results for your business.


Reach more people, now

Your current and future customers are already part of online communities like Facebook & Twitter. Social media advertising drives customers to your business pages, helping you to sell more and build brand awareness.


Extend your reach

Once a customer has received your ads, he or she becomes a channel for further distribution to their friends. This is the most important benefit of social media advertising, as your customers can greatly multiply your marketing reach.

Reach the right people

Social media allows you to target customers by their age, location, interests and other important criteria. You can even target customers who have already shown interest in your business, so you know you're talking to a qualified audience.


Why use oliver?

oliver will help you navigate the social media environment and assist you with all the steps in the advertising process, from strategy development to ad creation through to performance tracking & reporting.